fan since: May 2009

bias: Minho

bias list wrecker: Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Taemin T_T

otp(s): MinKey, OnHo, OnKey, JongHo, JongTae, OnTae, TaeKey, TaeLli, MinStal, MinHyunah, OnSica, LuNew, KeyCole, MinKyuChang, MinHyungwhore, JongKyung

favorite era: Juliette Korea, Hello

least favorite era: LLO

favorite songs: ALL T_T (can’t chose)

least favorite song: DON’T HAVE

something you’ve always wanted to know about shinee: i wanna ask all their activities in dorm

TO MINHO: i love you, marry me and would you go dye your hair blonde for promoting a new song and why you always wear that ugly chain bracelet?

TO ONEW: why you’re so quiet recently and looks so lonely and sad and looks have many problems? T_T

TO JONGHYUN: can u stop doing fanservicing with key? i dislike it tbh lol and do it more with minho ok?

TO TAEMIN: sometimes you look blank and sometimes you act cute why?

TO KEY: marry minho and i’ll let minho go