annyeong haseyo! ‘-‘*

after have fun with birthday eve yesterday ,
today is the real time to celebrate Key’s birthday heu heu

yesterday’s birthday eve party with my beloved member and…
with SHINee WORLD to share a good story together
i wish you have a great time!

Every year, i happy to celebrate a fun birthday
i keep thinking of you all, my fans who always sent love to me~
thank you!‘ㅂ’

now, we’re work hard to japan activities
we cant meet very often with korean fans frequently!
but, SHINee still countinue to shine brightly, right?
haha 🙂

thank you for all who celebrate the birthday~
we are happy, let’s spend a day together!

i love you♡
my hand is yours and yours is mine, right? keke~

lagi males ngetranslate -.- karna ini precious banget my 5 babies~ jadi walaupun telat di posting juga. credit to shinta at wrs