ah i was like a fool yesterday. so, i downloaded one of onew fancam from vanillalatte a week ago. i downloaded it from the site. not from youtube. so that’s an onew’s fancam in mbc gayo daejejeon december 31st 2011. it’s just a few seconds fancam. in that video onew was like ‘anak hilang’ lol. when I watched it, the bgm made me “oh, i know this song. i’ve listened this. but where?” and i thought it’s kyuhyun’s voice so i thought it’s maybe one of suju’s songs? or kry’s songs? i try to remember where i heard this song but sigh i can’t remember it. then for a week i forgot bout it. i don’t care anymore whose sings that song even tho i rly want to know because the song is so soft and aaahhh his voice makes me flutter (a bit) haha.

and then yesterday, suddenly I thought about that song again. i wanna ask elf but I don’t have elf friends (such a loner). well i don’t have kpoper friends anymore since my kpop twit acc got hacked and i got tired with labil fans (?) hahah. “malu bertanya sesat dijalan” is fcking true.

when i kept thinking bout the song. eunchan and mel (my baepu) came to my home. we’ve plan to watch videos together. and i asked chan “chan, who sing this song? find the song for me. must!!!” and then chan said calmly “huh? it’s donghae’s rite? you’ve told me a few weeks ago. you said you like the song. i forgot what’s the title?” i was like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? so it’s donghae’s voice? not kyuhyun?” and then i already listened it. and i know the title and vanilalatte already gave a hint bout the bgm. vanillalatte gave the title for her fancam “1st love” and that’s the title of the song.

why so stupid? why so forgetful?

ok, i think there’s a problem with my brain.

btw for ppl who haven’t listen this. you must listen it. it’s such a good song. even I feel lil disappointed bcos it’s just 2mins kkk. donghae’s voice is rly good. iI don’t listen suju’s songs much so i’m sorry elf if i make mistake hae’s voice as kyu’s? haha

kkeeeeeeeuuuuuut sorry for my bad englishᄑ_ᄑ

watch the fancam at vanillalatte.kr cause vanillalatte noona do not allow to upload their fancams to youtube so watch it on their site 🙂