Im Tae Kyung, a Musical actor, commented that Taemin sang really well as he was appreciating from the stage below (audience seating area). In addition, he said that “there were a lot of things worth to look at” (S/N : It means that you can anticipate a lot of things from a person.) However this phrase in Korean is not used to describe humans, so it caused the crowd to burst into laughter. The MC purposely teased Taemin by saying that phrase again. Taemin was so worried and he tried to explain himself but no words could come out from his mouth so he could only deny by waving his hands.

Today’s Guest, Kim Chang Hwan commented that from the very beginning, he always thought Taemin was only in-charge of dancing in SHINee. So when Kim Chang Hwan himself saw Taemin at the backstage, he wondered how is Taemin going to prepare the song he is singing today. However, after listening to Taemin’s performance, he had a great shock – he never thought an idol could sing that well!

taemin jjang!!

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