@realjonghyun90 뭘봐 너지금 주인이 입혀준 옷 그대로 입었다고 불독 무시하냐? http://t.co/ABR1igAO

@realjonghyun90 what are you looking at? are you ignoring a bulldog because of the clothes my owner put on me? http://t.co/ABR1igAO

@realjonghyun90 여러분의 초능력은 뭡니까..전 뭔 쓰잘때기음는 능력이..심지어 수행과정은 쉽지 않답니다. 어렵게 배워서 쓰면 고성방가 신고당하고 농약쳐짐..개굴개굴 http://t.co/uHMwnwsG

@realjonghyun90 what’s your super power… i have an incredibly useless power.. and on top of that, it’s difficult to train apparently. If i work hard and use it, i get reported for loud singing and get sprayed by pesticide.. ribbit ribbit http://t.co/uHMwnwsG

the picture translation: a super power that suits kim jonghyun is the magical harmonic cry of a frog. it is a difficult skill to master. the frog’s cry can stop the movements of the opponent with its extreme volume.

cr: jonghyun’s twitter

trans by: shiningtweets