@realjonghyun90 이런 광고가 많이 필요하다고 생각한다 한약 선전이었던가..한약빨고 그린 광고 http://t.co/ylaAdWsY

@realjonghyun90 we need more of this kind of ads, thinking of which it used to be widely advertised.. drawn advert of applying korean medicine http://t.co/ylaAdWsY

@realjonghyun90 갑자기 이게 너무 먹고싶어…찹쌀도너츠!!!!!!양손에 들고 구어어오어챠가안허균헝하구와구와구오ㅓ구념냠냠쨥쨥 http://t.co/YVg7jUI0

@realjonghyun90 suddenly i want to eat this so badly…glutinous rice donut!!!!!! holding it with both hands guwa guwa guweo gunyeom nyam nyam chap chap (sounds expressing you tumbling the hot donut to and from your hands then eating it deliciously) http://t.co/YVg7jUI0

@realjonghyun90 며칠전에 찹쌀도나쓰가 너무 먹고싶어서 저사진을 어머니에게 보내며 사달라고 했다. 집에 가보니 식탁에 있던건 감자조림

@realjonghyun90 from a few days back, i wanted to eat glutinous rice donuts so badly that i sent that picture to my mom to ask her to buy it for me. when i went home, what was on the dining table was boiled potatoes

cr: jonghyun twitter

trans by: venessa chun