30 maret 2012

@realjonghyun90 http://t.co/PyP1zImh

@realjonghyun90 굴비종현 http://t.co/o7fAsi4B

@realjonghyun90 dried yellow corvina jonghyun http://t.co/o7fAsi4B

31 maret 2012

@realjonghyun90 아까 전에 날보고 잉여라고 했었지? 난 그말이 좋아 사실이니까. 하지만! 날 잉여라고 놀리는건 참을 수 없다!!! 호옹이!! http://t.co/9XmMs4WH

@realjonghyun90 A while ago, you looked at me and said I have nothing to do, right? I like that saying because it’s true. But! I can’t put up with making fun of me for having nothing to do!!! Hoongi!! http://t.co/9XmMs4WH

@realjonghyun90 호옹이를 모르시는 분들을 위해. 그래! 오늘은 김성모 화백 헌정트윗!간다! http://t.co/wYtgTahs

@realjonghyun90 For those who don’t know what hoongi is. That’s right! Today’s tweet is dedicated to artist Kim Sungmo! Let’s go! http://t.co/wYtgTahs

@realjonghyun90 곰은!!쮸쀼쮸쀼!! http://t.co/qERX3DJU

@realjonghyun90 Bears say!! Chubbyuchubbyu!! http://t.co/qERX3DJU

@realjonghyun90 사자는!!!꾸와앙!!! http://t.co/0gYJgBPN

@realjonghyun90 Lions go!!! Gguwaang!!! http://t.co/0gYJgBPN

Picture Translation: (Top) Lions? (Top speech bubble) Gguwaang!! (Bottom speech bubbles) How dare you try to eat a human even though you’re an animal! I’ll break your neck!

@realjonghyun90 새는!!!왱알왱알!! http://t.co/Ttpwo3uH

@realjonghyun90 Birds say!! Aengal aengal!! http://t.co/Ttpwo3uH

Picture Translation: (Top Left) Aengal Aengal (Top right speech bubble) What?

@realjonghyun90 하지만 손가락은 두개 http://t.co/SGJCdnWY

@realjonghyun90 But two fingers http://t.co/SGJCdnWY

Picture Translation: You only have one life!

@realjonghyun90 하지만 손가락은 반대 http://t.co/Xn2sTbjx

@realjonghyun90 But his fingers are opposite http://t.co/Xn2sTbjx

Picture translation: I’ll fight, and you remember!

@realjonghyun90 저건 손이다 http://t.co/JRjvU1In

@realjonghyun90 That’s a hand  http://t.co/JRjvU1In

Picture Translation: I’ll show you the full extend of real boxing!

@realjonghyun90 저건 발이다 http://t.co/myOVoygr

@realjonghyun90 That’s a foot http://t.co/myOVoygr

Picture translation: Should I teach you how to kick?

@realjonghyun90 인생은 실전이야!!!말투에서 드러나는 약올림!! http://t.co/XD9LVnGK

@realjonghyun90 Life is for real!!! That mocking you can hear in his way of talking!! http://t.co/XD9LVnGK

Picture translation: Top left: Kuuh! Middle left: Uughh! Middle right: Wh.. What? You promised not to use your foot! Bottom: You believed that?

@realjonghyun90 칼잡이는!!칼칼칼!!! http://t.co/OtZiLESF

@realjonghyun90 Knife holders say!! Kalkalkal!! http://t.co/OtZiLESF

T/N: “Knife” is pronounced ‘Kal’ in Korean

Picture Translation: Top left: Weren’t they your lackeys who obey you? Top right: You got rid of the pig and his lackeys? Bottom right: Kalkalkal…!

@realjonghyun90 인사가 격하구나! http://t.co/D4Z5IWTM

@realjonghyun90 Your greeting is violent! http://t.co/D4Z5IWTM

Picture Translation: How is your current life? Did you eat?

@realjonghyun90 건배는 훼이크다 http://t.co/aGCkLPS4

@realjonghyun90 The cheers was a fake  http://t.co/aGCkLPS4

Picture translation: Top: For hyungnim and I! Middle: Jinga will… Bottom: Become by best guardian god!

@realjonghyun90 톨게이트랑 말놨어요 http://t.co/oFRaoRIu

@realjonghyun90 I’m on friendly terms with the tollgate http://t.co/oFRaoRIu

T/N: The tollgate talks not in the usual polite form but in a rude form

P/T: Top: East Seoul/The road to Seoul is partly delayed/Go away Bottom: That’s really amazing

@realjonghyun90 돼!!! http://t.co/XkRHuXeL

@realjonghyun90 Yes!!! http://t.co/XkRHuXeL

P/T: N…No!! Yes!!

@realjonghyun90 빠…빵..?! http://t.co/uJ673qX6

@realjonghyun90 Br…Bread..?! http://t.co/uJ673qX6

P/T: Top left: I’m not the best. Top right: D..Don’t lie. This.. This kind of skill is obviously… Middle: I’m bread! Do you understand? Bottom: Br.. Bread?!

@realjonghyun90 요단강 부스터 직행열차 탑승!! http://t.co/feUnOfDH

@realjonghyun90 He’s gotten on the Jordan River’s booster express train!! http://t.co/feUnOfDH

P/T: Top: There’s no reason for you to waste time on little fish like that. Middle: Understood! Bottom: Then, I’m leaving!

@realjonghyun90 난 내말만 해 http://t.co/WYEIxQRZ

@realjonghyun90 I just say whatever I want http://t.co/WYEIxQRZ

P/T: Top: How does it feel like to be revived from death? Middle: I don’t think we’ve even introduced ourselves… Bottom left: Who are you? Bottom right: Is there a need for me to tell you something like that?

@realjonghyun90 올.ㅋ http://t.co/8w1tVCR4

@realjonghyun90 Oh. ke http://t.co/8w1tVCR4

P/T: Top: Okay! Since you were honest, I’ll let you live. Middle: Wh…What will happen to us? Bottom: We’re going to die!

@realjonghyun90 학생여러분 수업시간엔 트윗하는게 아닙니다 http://t.co/id3wVC1F

@realjonghyun90 All you students, you shouldn’t tweet in class

P/T: Top: What are you two doing?! The class bell rang a long time ago! Middle: Da…Damn it! Bottom: Both of you, sit down!

@realjonghyun90 마침 트윗을 아무리해도 죄책감을 느끼지않는 오전 9시 36분!! 아무리 트윗해도 정말 아무런 느낌이 없을 것 같아! http://t.co/m8mEFUTw

@realjonghyun90 Coincidentally, it’s 9:36 AM, when I don’t feel guilty about tweeting a lot!! I really don’t think I’ll feel anything no matter how much I tweet!

P/T: Top: I’m going to destroy him as badly as the weight of the pain you gave me. Bottom left: Coincidentally, it’s 8PM, where humans don’t feel any guilt no matter how brutal they are… Bottom right: I really don’t think I’ll feel anything even if I kill someone!

@realjonghyun90 말투가 상당히 친절하다. 민호같아 http://t.co/bILl5wRT

@realjonghyun90 He talks very nicely. Like Minho

P/T: Top left: He’s amazing, being able to hide himself in the open like this. Top right: Why don’t you come out, you rat?! Middle: Did you call me a rat? Bottom: Do you really want to die completely without getting hurt?

@realjonghyun90 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ뭐래 http://t.co/aK4YpohI

@realjonghyun90 kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke What’s he saying

P/T: Top: Ugh… Middle left: Ugh… Middle right: Hand over your money, bastard! Bottom left: I.. I’ll hand it over! Bottom right: I don’t need it!

@realjonghyun90 무..무슨 짓이야!! http://t.co/0wa09lEQ

@realjonghyun90 Wh..What are you doing!!

P/T: Top: You’re very curious for someone who’s about to die. Middle: Kid, you shouldn’t have come here today. I’ll make sure your body knows the reason why starting now. Bottom: How.. How could I… I hit an artery by accident…

@realjonghyun90 쥐가 잘생김 ㅇㅇ http://t.co/CwdC5wip

@realjonghyun90 That rat is good looking, yes

P/T: Top left: What is it? Top right: The messenger is here. Middle: Okay, tell me!

@realjonghyun90 싸움에서이기는 법 http://t.co/fXEhjiVs

@realjonghyun90 How to win at a fight

P/T: Top: Chapter 8-7 When the opponent has grabbed you from the back. Give him a flying kick without hesitation. Bottom: Chapter 8-8 When the opponent attacks you with something he’s practiced for over a month. Get hit once and hit back twice

@realjonghyun90 8만만 전투력!! http://t.co/TKVy77R6

@realjonghyun90 80,000-ten thousands of fighting power!!

@realjonghyun90 ㅋㅋㅋ진짜???ㅋㅋㅋ진짜로???ㅋㅋㅋㅋ http://t.co/rXeQFGzV

@realjonghyun90 kekek Really?? kekeke Are you sure??? kekekeke

P/T: There is no way this soldier will notice me. As long as I keep in rhythm like this

1 april 2012

hari ini tanggal 1 april adalah april fool’s day dan si puppy satu ini ngetroll di twitter. haha. pertama dia ngubah semua profil dia di twitter. dia ngeganti ava-nya jadi foto lee jonghyun cn blue trus ngeganti bio dan location nya juga (yang berhubungan sama jonghyun cn blue). dia ngemention salahsatu fanbase cn blue (entah jjong tau atau enggak yang dia mention itu fanbase atau mungkin dia ngiran itu akun official cn blue lol) trus dia ngemention hongki juga xD.

trus kedua dia berubah jadi hong jonghyun (salah satu aktor, kalo nonton wild romance pasti tau dia xD). hong jonghyun ini juga yang jadi MC di mnet wide news open studio yang salting karna liat shinee dan ngejatuhin papan pertanyaan lmao. jjong cuma ngeganti avanya jadi foto hong jonghyun dan ngeganti bio dan namanya.

terakhir dia berubah jadi amber omg. sepertinya jjong terinspirasi dari heechul yang udah berubah duluan jadi sulli. dia ngenati ava-nya jadi foto amber dan ngubah bio-nya juga. trus ngetroll bareng heechul

@realjonghyun90: @CNBlueOfficial 맞팔점 저 님들 멤번데여

@realjonghyun90: @CNBlueOfficial Please follow me back. I am your fan

@realjonghyun90: @skullhong 홍기씨 저 씨블종현임 ㅎ2

@realjonghyun90: @skullhong Hongki, I am CBL Jonghyun. Hi.

@realjonghyun90 사실 홍종현입니다

@realjonghyun90 The truth is, I am Hong Jonghyun

“@skullhong: @realjonghyun90 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아완전빵터졌다” 사실 홍종현이에요

“@skullhong: @realjonghyun90 kekekekekekeke ah I totally burst out laughing” The truth is, I am Hong Jonghyun.

@realjonghyun90 http://t.co/xPYomgZM 샤이니 종현군과 즐거운 추억

@realjonghyun90 http://t.co/xPYomgZM A good memory with Jonghyun of SHINee

“@Heedictator: 안녕하세요! f(x) 설리입니당!ㅎㅎ http://t.co/sHuO4H5r” 설리야 나 엠벌아야 어렵다 트위터 모른다 사용방법

“@Heedictator: Hi! It’s f(x) Sulli! http://t.co/8EzkkIes” Sulli it’s me Amber this is hard I don’t know how to use Twitter

@realjonghyun90: @Heedictator ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ기절하겟당

@realjonghyun90: @Heedictator kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke I’m gonna faint

but si jjong udah kembali sekarang. dan dia ganti ava-nya jadi selca-nya yang bikin mampus (finally)

cr: jonghyun’s twitter

trans by: shiningtweets at twitter